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BikeFit setup

stt 3dma equipment setup

The recordings set up is as shown in the picture, and the following equipment is provided with BikeFit:

laptop with stt bikefit pre-installed
Laptop with STT BikeFit pre-installed

Laptop computer with pre-installed software

tripod for the stt bikefit system
Tripod for the BikeFit system

Tripod with LED lighting and a 60 FPS, 1.31 Mpix camera already assembled.

markers for the stt bikefit system
BikeFit markers

2 sets of 8 markers and stickers are provided for the anatomical points tracking.

vinyl for the stt bikefit system
BikeFit vinyl

Vinyls come for the correct placement of the bike and the tripod and the background disallows any undesired reflexes.