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stt 3dma product box
3DMA product box

Comprehensive solution & permanent license

A standard license will give you access to all functionalities in Cycling 3DMA software. This license will be permanent – no annual fees required. Also, our customers enjoy new software features by getting free software updates regularly. Easily get access to bonus analysis protocols too.

Would you like to scale up your lab? New cameras can be added to the system under the same license in order to enhance the marker traceability.

Would you like to install the software in more than one computer? That’s also possible, as long as you plug the license dongle in the computer you are currently using.

stt 3dma marker placement
Positioning markers for the 3DMA system

Short setup time

When it comes to performing a professional bike fitting and/or pedalling analysis, there is usually no time to waste. The time you need to get someone ready for a 3D analysis is short: just ask the rider to get on the bike, place the markers on the specific anatomical positions and start recording. Since there are neither cables nor batteries involved, the preparation turns out to be a hassle-free process.

The rider will typically be asked to pedal for some time and the analysis can be triggered anytime. Cycling 3DMA will automatically detect the markers in the scene and start synthesizing 3D points & processing real-time data. You can later select a portion of the recorded data or else let the system use all available data to perform the analysis.

stt 3dma output screenshot
3DMA rider measurements screenshot

Simple workflow and flexible interface

You don’t need to be an expert in 3D motion capture to get the most of Cycling 3DMA. It’s user interface is made up of intuitive modules, each one with differentiated roles: configuration tab, 3D view, numerics, graphs, etc. Easily arrange the workspace the way you like: the software will remember your preferences.

stt 3dma orthogonal views screenshot
3DMA orthogonal views

Perspective and orthogonal views

Cycling 3DMA triangulates the position of markers in space, then computes the joint centers and builds the 3D scene in real-time. This technology is very similar to that used by actors to animate fantasy creatures by accurately track the subject’s motion. In this case, it allows monitoring the body of the rider from any viewpoint.

Once recorded, the data can be reviewed in the same way we review video footage, only that we can fly around the scene, zoom in and out and examine every detail.