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Motion Capture Cameras

The key hardware items in any STT optical mocap solutions are the cameras. They feature very high infrared sensitivity, on-board processing and LED lighting, and work at a wide range of frequencies and resolutions, depending on the application. We can work with cameras from different manufacturers, which makes our solutions particularly powerful. We offer several models and configurations to make sure they meet your particular needs.

Feature C-03 Series
Resolution 640×480
Frame rate 100 FPS
Latency 10 ms
Filter switcher (IR-visible) Optional
Max # cameras per computer 24
Maximum range 11 m
Horizontal FOV 38°, 46°, 58°
Interface USB 2.0
Image processing modes Precision Grayscale, Segment, Object, and MJPEG
Number of LEDs 26
LED strobe mode Yes
LED intensity Control Yes
Shutter type Global
Electronic exposure Control Yes
Frame rate control Yes


Together with the cameras, a few additional items are needed to set up an optical motion capture system: