Full-body, 3D, real-time cycling analysis

Cycling 3DMA has been built upon a powerful 3D motion capture engine to provide a wealth of information to the fitter or specialist, and it does so with a simple workflow. The system is able to track the cyclist in real time, displaying actual 3D data at high frequencies. Its main features are:

bike rider frontal plane analysis with stt 3dma
Screenshot of a 3DMA rider measurement (frontal plane)

Real-time optical motion capture used to be pricey and exclusive, but is now available to anyone. The information obtained is truly 3D and therefore 100% representative of the movement of the cyclist (as opposed to video-based systems, which are limited to a 2D plane and therefore lose information). No need to manually click points after capture. The data is collected and processed instantly by the software.

bike rider lateral plane analysis with stt 3dma
Screenshot of a 3DMA rider measurement (lateral plane)

A Cycling 3DMA system includes a set of high-speed, infrared motion capture cameras. These can be installed on the wall or hung from the ceiling if the installation is permanent; or else be mounted on tripods for a temporary biomechanics lab.

Bike measurement: Road, TT/Aero, MTB…

Taking measurements of the bike is a simple task for Cycling 3DMA. Just place a few markers on certain points and the system will take a ‘3D snapshot’ and will instantly compute the most relevant dimensions. Dynamic measurements can be done as well.

bike measurement with stt 3dma
Screenshot of the 3DMA bike measurement process