Bike-fitting courses

Cadence offers a selection of comprehensive courses in bike-fitting which draw on our wealth of experience in bike-fitting. Courses can be tailored to suit the prospective students’ needs.

Essential bike-fitting.

This two day course equips the student to provide point-of-sale bike-fit related services.

Custom cycling orthotics

moulding custom sidas cycling insoles
Moulding Sidas cycling insoles

A one day course that provides the student with the anatomical, technical, and practical information to sell and produce custom cycling orthotics.

Cadence 3DMA.

stt 3dma output screenshot
3DMA rider measurements screenshot

A one day course which allows to fitter to make the most of using Cadence 3DMA motion capture technology.

Advanced bike-fitting.

This course provides students with the skills to conduct stand-alone bike-fitting services to a high standard.

A five day course that comprises all other courses with the following additional topics covered.